Paid Social Media Jobs Review-Legit 2018

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Paid Social Media Jobs Review 2018

Over the past decade, internet users have quickly started understand the lucrative nature of the internet. Thanks to thriving social media sites, many frequent web-surfers have learned how to get paid while also doing what they enjoy doing – surfing the web. Due to numerous comments, emails, and messages alike asking us about the Paid Social Media Jobs site, we’ve decided to dedicate a post exclusively to explaining the product to you. Thus, this article is a detailed, factual paid social media jobs review.

What Is Paid Social Media Jobs?

Simply put Paid Social Media Jobs is a training course geared towards educating those who are interested in making money via social media verticals. The product goes through extensive details as to showing you exactly, step-by-step, you can grab a freelance social media management job (from the comfort of your home. The product has received extensively positive feedback and is highly respected amongst internet users.

What’s Included In The Paid Social Media Jobs Product?

Paid Social Media Jobs can be broken down into four simple modules. The first, Understanding the nature of social media and how to leverage your newly found knowledge to acquire clients. The second module is about learning how to be a successful social media manager for your clients. The third module breaks down the topic of Social Media Management in finer detail, providing you the upper-hand against your fellow freelance workers also looking to pick up clients in the social media management realm. Finally, the fourth module focuses exclusively on advanced training within the social media management industry.

Our Verdict

After purchasing the Paid Social Media Jobs product, opening up each module, and reading every single word included, read through hundreds of past customer reviews, and analyzed the overall market feedback on the product. Finally, we’ve come to a conclusion (something you’ve likely been waiting for throughout this review).

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If you’re serious about looking for a way to get paid for managing business’s social media profiles from the comfort of your home and you’re ready to put in a decent amount of hard work, this is the product for you. It’s quite obvious that people who take this course seriously have made an insurmountable amount of money entirely due to this product.
All being said and done, we highly recommend this product. Previous customers have responded positively and have regarded the Paid Social Media Jobs course one of the best around for finding “online jobs”. To learn more about the product, click the link below.
Click Here To View The Official Website!

Watch video about it:

Click here to watch video

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How to Earn Money Online

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I have a FREE gift for you: Backlink Video Lesson

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SEO is one of the most lucrative ways to create
profitable traffic to your website. Imagine how
much you could make if your website sat at the top
of Google for your keywords!

But there is something stopping you.


Most people I talk to are really confused as to
how to build good, high-quality free backlinks to
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In addition to this free video, I also wanted
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*Can I Use My Main Keyword in the Anchor Text?*

One mistakes a lot of newbies do is they over-do
the anchor text. Avoid this trap! There is no exact
magic number, but you should make sure that you
don’t use your main keyword more than 10% of the
time in your anchor text.

Remember: Google wants to see your brand name
as the #1 keyword you use when creating anchor
text to your website. Google wants to see this,
because to them, this makes your backlink profile
more natural.

That is why it is good to not use an exact
match domain when setting up your website. When
choosing a domain, pick one that isn’t an exact
match of your main keyword.

*How Many Backlinks do I Really Need?*

How many backlinks you need depends on the
quality of backlinks you build. I have ranked
websites with 5 links or less, because I built
high-quality backlinks.

For instance, the free video lesson (that I
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What do I mean by that? I mean treat them like
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that users will appreciate. Use pictures, and post

When you make good web 2.0 properties, actual
readers will find them and comment on them, and
share them. Google will see that, and will value
the link you created more. So put effort in.

*Can I See the Backlinks of My Competitors?*

Yes, you can! My favorite free tool to do
this is Traffic Travis. It is free, so you don’t
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Seeing the backlinks of your competitors is
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For example: lets say that a competitor has
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accepted their post, there is a high chance that
they’ll accept your blog post too. So you can
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In addition, it will let you see what
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can see what percentage of their anchor text is
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*Won’t I Be Penalized by Google Penguin?*

Twice, Google has released two updates to
their search engine. These updates have been
called the “Google Penguin” updates (plus
Google has released different versions of these

The Google Penguin updates target backlinks.
These updates will penalize websites that build
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But see – did you read that? It targets BAD
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How to Earn Money Online

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How to Earn Money Online

Do you want to know how to make money online easy and fast? Rest assured, there are many, if not millions of different techniques to make money from home online. Here are only 3 simple ways to earn quick money online.

Selling Information Products

This is by far one of the top ways to make money on the internet. If you are knowledgeable in a particular place and there is a top demand for your knowledge and expertise, you may have stumbled upon one of the top ways to make money online. They generally provide very high revenue margins on the sales that you make, and once you have got the product, it is only a matter of selling it to earn money easy and fast.
In order to get begun within this money-making plan you will need the produce and a site. You will also need to generate traffic to your site and convert that visitor into paying customers.

Affiliate Marketing

how to make money online -earn money online

You do not even need to make your own product. In order to make a ton of money online, you can really make a lot of finance easy and fast by selling affiliate products. Affiliate promotion is where you get a commission in return for referring people to a give service or product. These services or produces are provided by entirely by another firm that pays you handsome commission.
It is simple to become an affiliate and you will never be laid off or loose your work. You can link with an affiliate network for free, advertise to market products to customers, and get paid commission from affiliate networks on every sale.

Running an E-commerce shop

Get access to over 8000 genuine wholesale suppliers and
1.6 million products at genuine wholesale prices-Make big money

If you like to sell product, then running an e-commerce shop might be another option to make money from home for you. It may take time building the shop and attracting website visitors to your site, but once you have daily stream of customers, this is a best way to earn money on the internet very fast. When it comes to the question of the big benefit of having an e-commerce store, as opposed to selling informational products, is that most people who visit your e-commerce site already want to buy something that is given for sale there.
So the large question is which way to make money online is perfect for you? The reply to that vital question should actually be way to earn money online that appeals to you most, based on your circumstances and objectives. I hope that you find the detail supportive and good luck in your search to make money online.

Our recommendation to start earning money
9 best ways to start earning affiliate money

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How To Earn With Android Apps-My recommendations

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How To Earn With Android Apps-My recommendations

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How To Earn With Android Apps:

There are many apps for your cell phone which certainly cost you a pretty penny when you come to download it. But on other hand there is huge collection in Google app store that offer you to earn money or credit by using them. You are paid by using android apps.

Discover how to create an iPhone or iPad App&Game and hit pay dirt with it

Google Opinion Rewards

It is surprising that Google has launched its own app that is used to earn money. You can also earn credit for Google app store. Credit is given by completing a survey. A notification is sent whenever a new survey is uploaded, you need to spend a little time to answer the question given in the survey. It is very simple and easy. Some surveys have deadline so do not be late to complete them. Once you have completed your survey google pays you credit to buy apps, music and some other stuff from the goolge app store.


MintCoins provides an opportunity to earn yourself cash. This android app is helpful to earn money in many different ways. It works on virtual coins, you can earn virtual coins by inviting you friends, downloading free apps, making accounts on websites, watching videos, and you also refer your friends to do same. It also offers surveys which need to be completed. You get amount in you paypal account when your amount hits $1 and you can withdraw.


Like Google Opinion Rewards it is another survey-based app that can be used to make money. iPollandroid app works to provide you a series of “missions” to complete, and some of these dependent on the locationthat where you are, some others surveys can be completed by all no matters wherever you are. In addition to general surveys, earner can be asked to submit images or to upload a video or audio. Many surveys have a good amount of money, and when you need to withdraw your balance, a few options are given to you. You can also add it to your Amazon or iTunes account or in you can pull the money into a PayPal account as well.

Earn Money

Discover how to create an iPhone or iPad App&Game and hit pay dirt with it

The name of the app tells all clearly. This is an app developed to earn money. This app might look familiar while using other apps mentioned above. But number of offers available is more limited. Your earned balance is quickly transferred to your PayPal account.

make money online

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date and review

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4


If there is anything that catches the attention of the tech freaks, then it is the mega launches of the smart gadgets. With Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date around the corner, all eyes are set on the tech giant’s much awaited smart release. October 17 is the day of Samsung Galaxy note 4 release (US) and before you own this one let us try to get a peep into what is it all about with the help of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review.
samsung note 4

For the android world, Samsung Galaxy Note release date is surely met with lot of excitement. If you want great screen experience then it gets better with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with is 5.7 inch screen. The display is brilliant with super AMOLED screen and is shielded by corning Gorilla Glass 3 with fantastic resolution.
With metal rim providing an impressive outline for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, its design is captivating as on the back it has a heart rate monitor. This phone is elegant, sophisticated and beautiful due to its big screen and superb design. What are notable are the enhanced features in S pen which now comes with fountain as well as highlighter and you would have a unique experience while writing with this. Did we mention that S pen could also work as a mouse?
Next aspect in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review is the camera. Well, here comes the mega surprise and a huge delight with 16 megapixels camera. For all those who wish to capture some amazing snaps, this is the time to do it with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The camera features optical image stabilisation and you can have super sharp images with this and this phone comes with option of dual shots and yes you can capture HD video as well as image recording concurrently. Equipped with touch focus and geo-tagging this camera is truly one of the best features of this phone. The 3.7 megapixel rear camera is also not that bad. As Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release approaches, this tech marvel seems to have grabbed lot of eyeballs. So for selfies, this is a big thing with great camera options.

The number of mics in this phone is three and the very look at this phone would steal your heart. Samsung seems to have improvised on lot of aspects here and the phone surely sits in the premium category. With Android OS (4.4 KitKat) this one has Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 and RAM stands strong 3 GB. With ample internal memory of 32 GB for those who wish to store more can go for the expandable slot of 64 GB. The battery life is enhanced at 3220 mAh and with 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi options. For gaming as well as browsing you can take benefit of its bigger screen with mind-blowing display. This phone has censors like SpO2, UV, barometer, gyro and more besides heart rate.
You can go for the colour that suits you from the options Bronze Gold, Charcoal Black, Frosted White and Blossom Pink. Thus Samsung Galaxy Note review shows how stylish this tech wonder is and how it is loaded with brilliant features.


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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus Review

I phone 6 and I phone 6 plus features and technology

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus Review

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus Review:


A Brief Introduction:

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are the two top amazing phones offered by the Apple company this year. Both of them possess unique yet special features. Now the question arises here that which phone to opt for and on which phone one must cash? We are here to guide you and provide you with all the details i.e. regarding every aspect of both the phones.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Review:



This time the company has really worked hard on the dimensions of its latest phones. iPhone 6 is about 4.7-inch in length and is about 6.9mm thick however the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has got thickness of 7.1mm. iPhone 6 is much more slim and shorter in length than its sibling iPhone 6 plus. iPhone 6 weighs just 129g while iPhone 6 plus is heavier than iphone 6 weighing about 172g. Both the phones feature rounded corners. Moreover, this time more premium metal has been added to the mix which provides the phones with more finishing look. The phones are made up of aluminium along with steal logo of Apple on them. iPhone 6 plus is suitable for the ones who are fond of carrying bigger handsets. Both phones are available in the shads including dark grey/silver, light grey/silver and a muted gold color.


The iPhone 6’s display screen is of 4.7 inches along with the resolution of 1,334 x 750 pixels. While that of the iPhone 6 plus is 5.5 inches along with the resolution of 1,920 x 1080 pixels. So iPhone 6 plus will allow you to view the bigger text, view the videos from farther away and view sharper texts. Another great advantage offered by the iPhone 6 plus is that one can run apps in landscape mode, i-Pad-style.


Both the phones have got similar camera features which include 8-megapixel camera with 1.5 micron pixels, a dual and true tone flash along with lens of f.2.2 d size. Apple Company has not worked much on the camera features. The core camera feature resembles with that of the previous model iPhone 5s. However, this time the sensor has been redesigned. One difference is there which is iPhone 6 plus features optical image stabilization where as the iPhone 6 posses software stabilization.


Both the phones run on on iOS 8 operating system as the previous models iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c did. However this time you will have the opportunity to add third party keyboards, use widgets, access apps from the new notification center on your iPhones and you will also be able to work across Mac and iOS devices in more innovative way.

CPU and RAM:


Both the phones feature the same processor i.e. a dual-core 1.4GHz A8 64-bit CPU. This is a change fromt he previous model iPhone 5s which featured A7. A8 lets the CPU with 20% greater performance than that of A7. Another feature includes an improved M8 co-processor which allows you to track motion using the compass, accelerometer, gyroscope and the new barometer.


Both the phones offer different models with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB internal storage with no micro SD card support. This time 32GB storage has been eradicated from the latest models.

Battery Life:

iPhone 6 features 1,810 mAh battery which allow you to spend 11 hours on video and 11 hours on browsing. While iPhone 6 plus features much more great battery than that of iPhone 6. i.e. 2,915 mAh battery allowing you to spend 14 hours on video and 12 hours on browsing off a charge. This is a slight improvement in the phones if we compare them to the iPhone 5s model.


iPhone 6 prices are INR 53,500 (16GB variant), INR 62,500 (64GB variant) and INR 71,500 (128GB variant). iPhone 6 Plus prices are INR 62,500 (16GB variant), INR 71,500 (64GB variant) and INR 80,500 (128GB variant).

A Word of Conclusion:

Both the phones have got similar features i.e. the processors, storage, camera and screen tech. However iPhone 6 plus is bit expensive than its sibling iPhone 6 because of its larger display size and greater battery life.


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EFormula Evolution Review and analysis-Make Money with Amazon

get paid to upload videos

How to make money with youtube

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How to make money with Youtube

Although there are many ways to earn money with youtube, in this article I will explain three of them. Youtube is the world’s most visited video site. It drives millions of visitors everyday, therefore there is no doubt that youtube can serve as one of the best platforms to generate income.

Affiliate Marketing:-


Now-a-days affiliate marketing is one of the hottest legit way to make money online. You promote the products and get commissions on every sale generated through your affiliate link. I have been doing affiliate marketing for four years now and know exactly which methods work and which methods don’t work. I highly recommend clickbank as it is the top most legit marketplace for vendors and affiliate marketers. You can simply make review videos and upload them to youtube on your channel and get sales.
To know in detail about the whole process and how to make affiliate sales I highly recommend CB DOLLAR BOOK. It has 9 tested and proven methods to make online sales.



If you have a youtube channel with a number of videos getting traffic everyday, you can apply for adsense hosted account (google ads will run on your youtube videos). Log into your youtube account and check out the monetization option to start earning.

Get paid to upload videos:-

get paid to upload videos

You can actually get paid to upload videos. Companies around the world know the importance of video marketing and are willing to pay decent monthly payout to registered members. You will not need to make the videos, the videos will be provided to you and you will just need to upload them. Follow this link to know more

The above mentioned methods are 100 percent legit and have been tested to work. Kindly like and share this post. Thanks for visiting my article.
Keep on visiting my site to know more about legit ways to earn money online.

How to Seo Youtube Video-What is SEO

How to make money with youtube, How to make money on youtube, adsense, Get paid to upload videos


Aweber Review 2014-list building

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Importance of list building:

This is a solid honest review about aweber. If you are a newbie online or experienced internet marketer, in both cases it’s essential to build a list or have a list of your own. All the big internet millionaires have a list of their own which they use on regular basis to generate income. When we think about list building, the only best name which comes to
my mind is aweber. Although there are a lot of other good services in terms of building lists but I highly recommend aweber.
You should start building a list as soon as possible because if you don’t own a list or haven’t yet started to make one, you are
missing a lot of opportunities.

Aweber review 2014

Why Aweber?

There customer support is awesome.
The options are unlimited and better than other services online in the same trade

It just takes 1 dollar to get started

One of the oldest and most reliable list building service

Cool form designs to catch details
Walk-through videos to understand the whole process (it only takes few minutes)

When I signed up, I received a letter in mail. This gives a signal that aweber team is really serious about their business and it leaves a positive impression about them.

  • Aweber Program Features:
  • Signup forms with style
  • RSS to email
  • HTML email templates
  • The Drag and Drop editor for email
  • Email newsletters
  • Email marketing tracking

I have been using aweber on many of my sites and it’s awesome.

Prices and Packages:

  • First month for only $1
  • Up to 500 subscribers $19
  • 501 – 2,500 $29
  • 2,501 – 5,000 $49
  • 5,001 – 10,000 $69
  • 10,001 – 25,000 $149

You can select the package of your choice as per requirements or need.

Biggest competitor of Aweber:

I personally think that the biggest competitor of aweber is mailchimp as it gives the opportunity to have up to 2000 subscribers for free but you should always aim high as your list will not always remain under 2000.
The list has to grow but mailchimp is no doubt one of the best list building services for newbies..

Top email list buidling strategies 2014

How to Seo Youtube Video-What is SEO


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