Blogging Tips 2018 for Beginners

Blogging Tips 2018 For beginners

Blogging Tips 2018 For beginners

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In this blog post, I will write about 5 healthy Tips to increase traffic to your blog and to make it more healthy in terms of monetization. You can read more on blogging for newbies by checking out the posts mentioned above.

So lets start, I will give you five great tips to make your blog famous

Social Presence

It’s an essential piece of the bigger picture and social media plays an important role by providing you High PR backlinks.
Let me give an example, whenever I post a new article or blog post, I always share it on most of the famous Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
By doing so, I instantly get High PR backlinks and it sends powerful signals to top search engines like google about my blog’s health. So always make it a habit of sharing the blog post on top social sites. I would recommend a small strategy, make new accounts on social sites and try to mention the topic or niche your blog is about in your profile. Further more, you need to make boards for relevant topics or niche you write about on Pinterest. Similarly, you will make Facebook fan pages around the same topic or niche. Now, when you will post a new article or blog post, you will share it on relevant boards on Pinterest and relevant fanpages on Facebook. I hope that this example was good and made it clear to you how important social presence is

Below are examples of my Pinterest boards and Fanpages around make money online niche

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If you are using wordpress as blogging platform then you should using social media buttons plugin. Like the one I am using on this blog is “Shareaholic”
Leverage the free plugins available on wordpress platform to increase your blog’s social presence

Unique Content

It’s true that Content is king and unless your blog has enough unique content, it will be kicked out of the competition. What I am trying to say is that the blogs with unique content will survive and make you money. Treat your blog like a new born baby & feed it with new content everyday. This will make your blog famous and you will be able to make money off it. Your goal should be to get organic traffic from google. Write on keywords with low competition and learn some basic SEO. I would recommend writing a 1000 words post everyday to keep new traffic coming in and to make your blog famous and healthy in terms of generating revenue for you.

Layout and Design

This is one good way to attract new visitors to keep coming back to your blog or to get the blog posts shared across the social media networks by the viewers or visitors.
It should be simple yet interactive. The main purpose of choosing the right theme or design is to make your blog better looking but with experience I have learned that
it’s more about your blog content than the design. It doesn’t mean that Layout and design are not important. Each element has it’s own importance and makes your blog
better overall.

Utilize free URL Submission to Top Search Engines

This is a good technique and you need to submit your site/blog to top search engines. Inclusion is free on most search engines. You can click this link to get your site submitted to 20 Top Search Engines. I have personally tested this technique and it works in the longer run

Stay Committed & Consistent

If you really want to make money off your blog, it’s time to get serious and set some targets to make your blog famous. It’s very important to stay committed and consistent. By staying consistent, I mean that you need to write more often for your blog. I would recommend writing every other day for newbies.

An Excellent Tip to make your blog famous: DON’T COUNT THE WORDS WHILE WRITING A POST FOR YOUR BLOG AND WRITE IN DETAIL. Do justice to your work by providing the best knowledge/content to your visitors eventually making blogging fun and useful.

If you are serious about making money online as Blogger, I highly recommend the Affiliate Blogger Pro Program

I am sure that this blogpost was helpful for the one’s serious about making a famous blog. Keep coming back to my blog for more information on how to make money online and to get real product reviews..Till next post, It’s Nishat signing off and I would request visitors to this post to kindly share this post using the social icons above this post. God bless!

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