Aweber Review 2014-list building

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Importance of list building:

This is a solid honest review about aweber. If you are a newbie online or experienced internet marketer, in both cases it’s essential to build a list or have a list of your own. All the big internet millionaires have a list of their own which they use on regular basis to generate income. When we think about list building, the only best name which comes to
my mind is aweber. Although there are a lot of other good services in terms of building lists but I highly recommend aweber.
You should start building a list as soon as possible because if you don’t own a list or haven’t yet started to make one, you are
missing a lot of opportunities.

Aweber review 2014

Why Aweber?

There customer support is awesome.
The options are unlimited and better than other services online in the same trade

It just takes 1 dollar to get started

One of the oldest and most reliable list building service

Cool form designs to catch details
Walk-through videos to understand the whole process (it only takes few minutes)

When I signed up, I received a letter in mail. This gives a signal that aweber team is really serious about their business and it leaves a positive impression about them.

  • Aweber Program Features:
  • Signup forms with style
  • RSS to email
  • HTML email templates
  • The Drag and Drop editor for email
  • Email newsletters
  • Email marketing tracking

I have been using aweber on many of my sites and it’s awesome.

Prices and Packages:

  • First month for only $1
  • Up to 500 subscribers $19
  • 501 – 2,500 $29
  • 2,501 – 5,000 $49
  • 5,001 – 10,000 $69
  • 10,001 – 25,000 $149

You can select the package of your choice as per requirements or need.

Biggest competitor of Aweber:

I personally think that the biggest competitor of aweber is mailchimp as it gives the opportunity to have up to 2000 subscribers for free but you should always aim high as your list will not always remain under 2000.
The list has to grow but mailchimp is no doubt one of the best list building services for newbies..

Top email list buidling strategies 2014

How to Seo Youtube Video-What is SEO


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How to Seo Youtube Video-What is SEO

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How to Seo Youtube Video-What is SEO

–Learn what is seo for youtube video below–
SEO basically means search engine optimization (increasing the page rank for your videos or site) so that it appears in more searches on search engines.

If you uploaded a video to youtube and not getting hits or views to it, then most probably you are not getting that much out of your video. Unless you get views to your video, you cannot expect likes, shares and comments.
To get youtube video views, you need to seo optimize your youtube video and follow the steps I have given below:


1. Find the right keyword:

This is the most important aspect of ‘how to seo youtube video’. Visit, click on the link on top left which says google keyword tool. A window will open up, click on google keyword planner and sign in using your gmail account. ‘Click on search for new keyword and ad group ideas’ Now search for the related keyword. For example if you are finding keywords related to ‘seo youtube video’, write seo youtube video and click on search, now click on keyword ideas and not keyword groups. Find a keyword with low competition and around 6000 plus global searches or 3000 or more local searches (US searches) per month.
Now this is the keyword we are going to work on.
2. Title of youtube video:

Title of the video should be eye catching, I mean it should be attractive and should force the viewer to click on your video. The keyword should be present in your title.

3. Description:

You should write 200-400 words unique description for your video. The videos which have no description or short description don’t get that many views and are not seo optimized. Use the keyword which we found in the first step twice in your description.
You can add your fanpage link in description. Add your site’s link in the start of the description.

4. Tags:

Tags are like keywords or relevant words related to your video. For example for a video related to ‘how to seo youtube video’ you can use tags like (seo, search engine optimization, youtube seo) etc.
Remember the main keyword should be used in tags. Also it’s a good idea to use your channel name as a tag.

5. Transcription:
You can add transcription to your youtube video and its’ a great seo technique.

6. Video file name

before uploading the video to youtube, rename it to your keyword, for example if your video file name is ‘myvideo234′ then you should change the name of video to ‘your keyword’ (replace your keyword with the keyword you searched in the first step)

7. Buy few backlinks for your video

I prefer social backlinks or wiki backlinks. They work well.

You can buy wiki backlinks here
I also highly recommend:

Get youtube Real Views

The SEO System

Top Free Seo services for wordpress

Kindly like and share this article and keep on coming back for more informative articles.


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Seo Services-Best cheapest gigs

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Seo Services-Best cheapest gigs

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Top free email list building strategy 2014

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Top free email list building strategy 2014

68 New Subscribers Just Joined My List

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Click here and Start building list free

list building,email list building,email lists, ways to earn money

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WordPress Useful Plugins Reviews

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WordPress Useful Plugins Reviews-Click Here

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social network sites importance for seo | what is social media marketing

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Importance and usage of social network sites in terms of SEO:

Its very important to use social network sites or social media for the advertisment and getting the word out about your website. It has great importance for seo for wordpress

I use two very useful websites for all of my postings to appear in all major social network sites.

Visit and sign up there. After signing up, on the left column add your website and on the right side add social networks like facebook,twitter,tbmlr,linkedin and myspace etc.

This is one simple technique which normally brings 100′s of visitors per day, depending upon your post content and how much the viewer gets excited after looking at your post.

I will also recommend you to make a free facebook page. The more people will like it, the more the word will spread.

Use of Social sharing buttons:

I would highly prefer using s e x y bookmarks plugins. It gives the visitors to share your content on the social network they are using e.g. digg, delicious etc.

Another social networking tool:

I found a very good way to add the share buttons on the website in one step, visit addthis and register there, after registering you can get the code which you can simply copy and paste to your website’s html code.

Or else if you have already logged in to and then made an account with “addthis”, it will give you an option to automatically add the widget to your blogger site.


Why Social sharing buttons are important:

A website without sharing buttons is considered zero, because you are not giving any viewer the option to share your valuable content, in other words, you are not letting others spread your website’s content.

You should always place the sharing links on your website, its one of the key techniques to get traffic.

For my wordpress blog I personally use WP Socializer plugin. Install it and then activate it. While editing it activate or apply the theme of buttons you want to display and the sharing buttons will appear with all of your posts. Other social plugins are lazy buttons and hupso which I highly recommend.

Also read:

How to get backlinks considering google panda and penguin updates

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Guaranteed First Page Listing on Google Plus Local for Your Business!

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Guaranteed First Page Listing on Google Plus Local for Your Business!Click Image To Visit Site…Well, take five minutes, RIGHT NOW, and read every word on this page, because I’m about to tell you how you can get your business listed on the first page of Google Plus Local.

If you’re like most businessmen I talk with, your phone has been ringing off the phone with calls from companies offering to register your company on the local business directories. You’ve probably received offers ranging anywhere from 30.00 to 200.00 or more a month, 200.00 to 200.00 dollars a year, offers of a free trial, and wait periods of anywhere from a few days to a month or two before you can expect to see results. Well now I’m going to tell you that you don’t have to pay anyone, even a nickel to get your company listed on Google + Local, You can get your company listed and ranking on the first page just by working alone in your spare time and following the suggestions in this eBook,
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Top free SEO Services for wordpress | SEO training and techniques used by Gurus

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Top Step by Step SEO Techniques for wordpress:

In this post I will try to explain how to do SEO for wordpress. These are the actual steps which the gurus use to do SEO for wordpress and rank no.1 in google. Experts never reveal these strategies but I wanted to help you out by explaining it! I would also recommend the top seo services as per my experience!

Steps to Follow for better wordpress SEO:

1. First of all you need to find a low competition keyword which has 1000 or more local searches. by local searches I mean the searches being carried out in USA. Go to google keyword tool or search online for google keyword tool. Now log into your account through any gmail account. Now enter any relevant word or phrase you want to find keywords for. Don’t go for keywords groups, click on keyword ideas and then select a low competition keyword with 1000 or more searches. More the no. of searches, more better it will be for your post.

2. Then you need to buy a domain with the same keyword in it for example if the keyword was “how to make clickbank money” then you may buy a domain “” and if that’s not available try to put any number in the start or end of the domain name or try putting a dash in between.

3. Remember to buy only .com .net or .org domain, it will get indexed more frequently. If you are an expert blogger then it doesn’t matter which domain type you select.

4. Buy hosting which will give you the option to work with wordpress.

5. Then you need to post at least three articles with a day or two days gap in between to give an indication to search engines that your website gets updated regularly. That is not the only thing you need to do. The best practice is to write a post or two everyday if you want real success.

6. Install “All in One SEO” plugin and activate it. After activating it go to its general settings and enter Title, Description and Keywords keeping in mind the keyword you have selected. I mean to say that you need to use the keyword you selected in step no.1 in Title, Description and keywords.

7. Go to privacy settings and Check the option which says “Allow search engines to index this site”. I think in the new version you don’t need to do it.

8. Go to settings and then general and give the basic details about your site keeping in mind the usage of main keyword.

9. Go to settings and then permalinks, select custom and put /%category%/%postname% and save or update.

10. Its not finished yet, the final step is to get as many backlinks as possible. For this purpose, you can submit ads to directories, classified ad sites, write articles, make review videos about your website and do blog commenting.

Also its important to submit the sitemap to google. If you are not familiar with it visit this link

–I would recommend to install “Google xml Sitemap” plugin and activate it. It will automatically make a sitemap for your site, which will be “” —


Note: use images in every post with keyword as it’s as it alt text. Also install social share plugins like ‘hupso’ or any other plugin you like.
Don’t forget to delete default page and post right after installing wordpress.

Thats all, this was not the best I could write because of shortage of time but hope it was useful.

Top E-Books I recommend:

Learn how to make affiliate sales and earn healthy commissions

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Traffic Secrets Unleashed by Jason Oickle

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Traffic Secrets Unleashed by Jason OickleClick Image To Visit SiteAre You Constantly Tearing Your Hair Out Trying To Generate A Decent Flow Of Quality Traffic To Your Web Sites? It’s Time To Let Your Hair Grow Back Because…

Yes it’s true, traffic is the lifeblood of our business, or any business for that matter. You must have traffic to make money, it’s a fact.
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Cutting Edge SEO Techniques

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Cutting Edge SEO TechniquesClick Image To Visit SiteAnnouncement: With Google’s latest updates, SEO has now changed forever. Although there are great strategies and value in "The SEO Method Version 1", we have had to update it. Click here to discover our newest methods inside The SEO Method 3.

No spamming, no cloaking, no blog farms, no link exchange networks, no ‘black-hat’ methods that will get your websites banned – just the best kept SEO secrets, guaranteed to generate an avalanche of free search engine traffic.
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