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How to Start Making Money through Blogging

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

Hey guys, it’s 11:41 PM my time and I wanted to write about how to start making money through blogging.
I will give some useful hints in this post plus I would highlight certain aspects or points to remember while blogging or even starting a blog.

How to Start Making Money through Blogging

I started writing for this blog many years back but I was not serious about blogging.

So the first and foremost thing is getting serious and planning it out accordingly.

I was not serious and consistent but now I am and it’s making things better for me financially.
As I said earlier, make blogging fun not formality. Write about the topic you have interest in and have knowledge of. I write about making money online as I am an affiliate marketer for more than 4 years now and I have a lot to say and share. Why I write about making money online, because I am passionate about making money online and I have made money online. Following points will be helpful in understanding the bigger picture once you make up your mind about starting a blog:

What will your blog be about?

It can anything ranging from beauty tips to hollywood. The topic or niche is the main essence. Select the topic you are passionate about and would love to write about. Something you want to talk about all the time. Something, which you feel happy sharing. For me, I am always thinking about ways to making money online and it drives me to learn new things and implement and then share the results with my followers. In a nutshell, write about the topic you love and you are passionate about. Let me give you a real example. I have turned all my passions into blogging. I love watching UFC and I hardly miss any PPV event so I write about UFC and WWE, on the other hand my father is a musician and he writes for my music blog & I write about making money online on this blog. I hope you are getting an idea, what I am trying to say here

Be a bit crazy

Don’t get me wrong but this point means that there is no specific time I have set during which I write articles or blog posts. I write when I feel writing and sharing and that’s what makes it more fun as I am not bound to a set time schedule. Blogging becomes fun if you are serious and consistent about it and when you love it, you will definitely write more and more. I usually don’t check the number of words I am writing for a blog post. Don’t you think it’s not fair if I am writing a set number of words and not able to deliver my message through. I write because I love writing and therefore I don’t need to count the number of words my blog post has

How will you make money from your blog?

Once you have enough unique content on your blog, I would highly recommend to try to get google adsense account or media.net account for publishers. It’s the best way to earn consistent monthly earning. One can also utilize affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money off your blog and make your online journey fun. The most legit source for that is Clickbank

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What goals are you working towards?

I would suggest you to set a short term goal of about six months. Write unique cotent consistently on your blog. One good blog post everyday will be a very healthy start. I am sure that if you write often for six months, your blog will be in good healthy state to start generating income for you.

As a newbie, I would highly recommend you get enrolled on Affiliate Blogger Pro program. It teaches you all necessary steps to make a famous blog and then make money off it every month.

Create high-quality content

Creating high quality content means, it should be unique and not scattered. Write about different aspects of the main topic. For example, in this blog post, I am writing about how to make money from your blog and therefore all important aspects should be covered in this blog post related to the main topic. I try to make my blog posts fun to the reader making it useful. If I write something and it’s not useful, it gives me a bad feeling because I will feel happy and satisfied, if I am sharing the right thing and that thing is helpful to my readers or visitors

Take note of the below mentioned points while Creating a blog

Publish high-quality content

Learn how to promote your blog

Understand how to make money blogging

Master all of the different social media platforms

Continue learning about blogging

There are many other elements and the best way is to keep on learning and researching. Learn with every error you make and make adjustments accordingly. In the longer run, you will finally be in a position to be your own boss and work according to your own timing and convenience

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Keep on visiting my blog and searching through different posts on this blog to know all the pieces of the big picture ‘Making Money Online’