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How to Make Money with CPA Networks

How to Make Money with CPA Networks

How to Make Money with CPA Networks

What is CPA Marketing?

CPA stands for ‘Cost Per Action’ or ‘Cost Per Aquisition’. You get some action performed and get paid in return. It can be as simple as getting the new version of flash player downloaded or getting emails submitted. This is one of the best ways to earn money online and is more convertable as with most CPA offers, sale is not mandatory

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CPA Networks that accept Newbies/Best CPA Networks for Newbies/Auto approve CPA Networks:

I would simply suggest you to join CPAlead, it’s best for newbies and you get auto approved on their network. CPAlead is newbie friendly cpa network but their design or layout is classic retro and they need to change it to make it more attractive

Why CPA network pays you?

To understand this concept, you will have to consider yourself as owner of a product. For instance, if I have a product of my own like an anti virus, I would love my anti virus to run on all systems. To get the word out or to make a list of subscribers by giving them some features of the anti virus for free, would be a great start. This is how CPA works. Further more, once I reach a certain number of users of subscribers I can go a head and upsell them more features

How to Get Accepted to CPA Networks

Well, I will be honest with you, you need to be genuine and honest. You should have a website or blog of your own to promote CPA offers. Your site should have enough unique content to attract visitors. I am proud to be a member of Peerfly and Maxbounty. The traffic source you are going to inform them about should be real. Let me put it this way, the concept of making money online should be clear to you before getting approval or even thinking to apply for the program.
Once you have a solid source of traffic, apply on their networks and wait for the affiliate manager to get back to you. Your affiliate manager will call you and take a telephonic interview, in which they will try to understand the ways you will be using to promote CPA offers. Affiliate mananger might also ask for your online earning proof, to check how legit you are. As I always say, be honest with what you say and do and they will be willing to accept you

In a nutshell, you should have a solid source of driving traffic, like a blog or website and proof of your earnings online. You should be able to inform the affiliate manager and convince them about the source of traffic you will utilize to drive traffic. Once again, as I said, it’s more about being honest and less about convincing. If your case is real, you get accepted

I highly recommend Peerfly and Maxbounty as best cpa networks for beginners in 2018

Here’s a CPA guide to make handsome money every month

How to Make Money with CPA?

Here, I will give you some basic tips to start getting conversions on your CPA offers.
The first thing to understand is the relevance of offer with the content of blog.
For example, this blog is about making money online so I should promote a CPA offer relevant to make money online niche

Another great way to promote CPA offer is to get the banners of relevant CPA offers displayed on high traffic sites and blogs. A great source for that is buysellads.com
(before placing ads, make sure to check the location CPA offer is valid for)

CPA marketing vs Affiliate marketing

I would say, CPA offers are more likely to convert as action is required instead of sale. On the other hand I perfer affiliate marketing on CPA, because it pays better but it totally depends on your understanding and experience level. I feel comfortable with both CPA and affiliate marketing.
If you are serious about making money as affiliate marketer, I highly recommend you get enrolled for Affiliate Blogger Pro

Types of CPA offers

Email submits – the user submits their email. Very popular type of offer. Pays small but easiest to convert. Great for blog topics that doesn’t have a clear monetization strategy

Zip submits – the user submits their zip code. Same as above

Pay per call – the user makes a phone call. User has to make a phone call. One of my least favorite CPA offers

Pay per download/install – the user downloads/installs the software

Pay per sale – the user has to buy the product. Usually a physical product, like diet pills or a training program

Pay per trial – the user signs up for a free trial. Sometimes requires a credit card sign up but this usually pays you more

Which CPA offer to select?

Let me keep it simple for you. Pick the offer with highest EPC. As a second perference, select the most converting offers. A mix of both will pay better in the longer run. To start with, select email/zip submit offers as these are easy to get converted

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